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Nuovo Film is a global leader in nanomaterial innovation. We are committed to bring disruptive materials to life and promote sustainable growth for earth. Our team gathers experiences from Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Intel, Philips, Mckinsey etc. and talents with domestic operation experience in China. Here you can tap-on the smartest brains from select institutions worldwide such as Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley etc.and accelerate personal growth and development. You will also enjoy Silicon Valley venture spirit of being open, honest and innovative.

If you are aspiring and passionate about turning disruptive ideas into world-changing business that positively impact society, come join us and jumpstart your career!


TP Process Engineer
  • Bachelor Degree Or Above
  • 2
  • TP
  • More Than 3 Years
Job Description Requirements: 1.Proficient in office software, able to skillfully use AutoCAD and other drawing software
2.Knowing well of G + F, G + F2, G + FF production techniques, structures and process
3.Proficient in commissioning of various TP production equipments and handling with equipment abnormalities
4.Familiar with the new product introduction process, touch screen-related materials and material properties
5.Able to analyze and solve TP abnormalities at different production process segments independently
6. Having a wealth of practical experience in debugging of screen printing machine, laser machine, laminating machine, ACF pre-press, FPC pressing machines and de-bubble machine
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Materials R&D Engineer
  • Master Degree Or Above
  • 2
  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials
  • More Than 1 Year
Job Description Requirements: 1.Master degree or above, professional in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials or printed electronics
2.Familiar with the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, and wet coating process
3.Learning about new product development and mass production import process
4.Having a strong ability to solve problems, and strong communication skills
5.One year R&D or process-related production work experience for master; 3 years of R&D or process-related production work experience for bachelor
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