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Product Introduction

Nuovo Film’s key product is silver nanowire conductive film. The Crystode® transparent conductive film is a cutting-edge nanomedeial based on Nuovo Film’s proprietary technology, silver nanowire ink is deposited on transparent organic film by high-precision roll-to-roll coating method.
The Crystode® TCF has the advantages of low resistivity, high transparency, strong foldability and ease of downstream manufacturability.


Low resistance

High transparency

Superior foldability

Product Structure  

Protective Film

Silver NanoWire

Hard Coat


Hard Coat

Protective Film

Product Specification  

>>Standard Products



Sheet Resistance □ 25Ω □ 45Ω    
Substrate Thickness □ 125um □ 50um    
Width □ 355mm □ 406mm □ 500mm □ 765mm
□ 1000mm □ 1250mm □ 1550mm**  
* 1550mm width expected MP release 2018 Q1



>>Customized Products


50um ultra-thin TCF:

We offer 50um film product for small-medium screen size devices, where thin and light weight are critical requirements.

TCF with two-sided AgNW:

We provide the TCF with two-sided AgNW as the core conductive layer for GF2 touch panel design, in order to further reduce the thickness and weight.


Product List  
File name File size Update time Download
Nuovo Film AgNW-Film Catalog 249kb 2016-11-14
Nuovo Film Touch Panel Catalog * 288kb 2016-11-14
* The touch panels are provided through strategic partners


Key Competences  


Technical Advantages

Over 70 patents on silver nanowire synthesis & ink recipe in China, US, and 4 other countries
World leading performance of silver nanowire
High-precision, large-area roll-to-roll coating equipment and process know-how


Manufacturing Advantages

World class coating facility
Monthly capacity at 100,000 m²

Consistent mass production process and Intel approved quality control


File name File size Update time Download
AgNW Film REACH_Nuovo Film 249kb 2016-11-14
AgNW Film RoHS_Nuovo Film 288kb 2016-11-14

Product Comparison

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