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Touch Panel


The silver nanowire enabled touch screen by Nuovo Film Inc. has a wide range of applications by virtue of its material properties, from smart phone, tablet PC to touch-enabled notebook. Everyday common items, such as coffee table in the living room, bedroom walls and classroom or conference room whiteboard, can be turned into dynamic and interactive information center.


Application Advantages

More sensitivie and responsive
Lighter and thinner
More transparent

Flexible Display

Bendability test: 100k times of bending (r = 3mm); impedance variation <15%; meet the performance need of the wearable device market. With continuous innovation and development of technology, flexible materials will gradually replace traditional materials.


Application Advantages

Excellent flexibility
Lighter and thinner
New form factor enabler


Intelligent Window

The silver nanowire conductive film of Nuovo Film Inc. can be used as the conductive layer for the liquid crystal light control film, enabling the glass to present different translucent states, and can be applied in different public and home fields.


Application Advantages

Large width
Lower sheet resistance



Thin Film Solar

Nuovo Film QuickVolt can meet the most stringent performance and reliability requirements in solar devices. Our material can be used as a top or bottom electrode in OPVs and as a top electrode in CIGS. It has been demonstrated that with our printable QuickVolt as the transparent top electrode on CIGS, cell efficiency as high as 13% can be achieved.


Application Advantages

Higher fill factor (FF)
Higher Voc and Jsc
Lower series resistance
Higher shunt resistance


Product Comparison

Nuovo Film Inc.
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