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Crystode    AgNW


Film Structure

Crystode® is a cutting-edge patented silver nanowire (AgNW) material developed by Nuovo Film Inc. Crystode® conductive films are made by depositing Crystode® on to transparent organic film in a high-precision roll-to-roll coating process.


 Crystode® transparent conductive films (TCF) have the advantages of:

  • low resistance

  • high transparency

  • strong foldability

  • ease of downstream processing

Nuovo Film - Crystode silver nanowire

Film Structure

Top Protective Film

Silver Nanowire

Hard Coat


Hard Coat

Back Protective Film

Low or No Birefringence 

PET-based ITO or AgNW Film

Birefringence or Rainbow

COP-based Crystode® AgNW Film

NO Birefringence

Unlike ITO, Crystode® AgNW is 100% compatible with COP film. This makes it possible to build touch screens for Automotive and Outdoor applications that are not affected by polarized sunglasses.

Environmental Test Results

Environmental Test Results
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