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Crystode​   AgNW Film


Standard Product

Nuovo Film's key product is silver nanowire transparent conductive film. The Crystode® transparent conductive film (TCF) is a cutting-edge nanomaterial based on Nuovo Film's proprietary technology. Silver nanowire ink is deposited on transparent PET film by high-precision roll-to-roll slot-die coating method. The Crystode® TCF has the advantages of low resistivity, high transparency, superior foldability, and ease of manufacturability.

Customized Product

10 ohms

Low-Resistance Silver Nanowire Thin Film

Nuovo Film Inc. can provide customers with a 10Ω/□ sheet resistance silver nanowire conductive thin film, featuring excellent conductivity with a transparency rate of 82%.


-Resistance: 10±2 ohms
-Transmission: ≥82%

-Haze: ≤5.8%

-b*: ≤5.5

50 μm PET/COP

Single/Double-Sided Silver Nanowire Thin Film

Nuovo Film Inc. introduces a 50μm single/double-sided silver nanowire thin film, providing customers with a thinner and cost-effective solution.


-Resistance: 25-60 ohms
-Transmission: 88-89 %

-Haze: ≤2.5-1.8 %

-b*: ≤2.8-2.2


-Resistance: 30-60 ohms
-Transmission: 86-88 %

-Haze: ≤4.0-2.6 %

-b*: ≤5.0-3.6

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