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LOPEC 2024!

Looking forward to reconnecting with friends, partners and colleagues in the field and meeting new contacts who share our passion. Visit our booth B0.517. Let's collaborate and explore new possibilities together! and see you at the LOPEC 2024! Contact our team to set up a meeting.


LOPEC is the industry's printed electronics technology exhibition in Germany, attracting nearly 200 top companies from all over the world. LOPEC successfully combines technology and business in the printed electronics industry, and has always provided exhibitors with support in the field of research and application, providing visitors with an opportunity to discover trends and technological developments in suitability testing, solutions for printed electronics, etc.

In the LOPEC exhibition, you will see the entire industrial chain of printed electronics, the exhibition will integrate the materials, product manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process, testing, application and so on of the printed electronics industry, and will combine, excite, and apply creative ideas to practice, and integrate printed electronics into life. The exhibition provides a high-quality display platform for many manufacturers, customers and research institutions in the industry. LOPEC aims to showcase the industry's latest technologies and enable the accelerated development of manufacturing capabilities in the electronics and printed electronics industries.

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