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Nuovo ESG

ITO is a kind of N-type oxide semiconductor, indium tin oxide. Indium is distributed in a relatively small amount in the Earth's crust and is very dispersed. It is a dispersed metal and a scarce resource. The world's estimated indium reserves are only 50,000 tonnes, of which 50% can be mined, raising concerns about the sustainability of the material as indium resources are scarce and limited.
Silver is a kind of transition metal, which is an important precious metal. Compared with indium, silver has abundant reserves and strong sustainability.


The Nuovo process is a water-based system, so there is no need to purchase more solvents, high storage safety and low storage requirements.

waste gas

oily paint produced by VOC and other waste gas treatment cost is high, pollution; Nuovo waterborne paint waste treatment cost is low, pollution is small, only need activated carbon adsorption and alkali treatment.


staff exposure to ink volatility and toxicity is relatively low, more friendly to staff.

Waste water

oily coatings need to be treated externally, while water-based Nuovo coatings can be recycled through internal treatment.


water-based paint does not exist the problem of solvent volatilization explosion, so there is no hidden danger in this respect.

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